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Glen Gilmore plays with Blueye polo googles
BluEye polo goggles and sunglasses

Protecting your eyes


A well hit polo ball may travel at up to 150-160 km/h, corresponding to 45 meters per second! Admittedly, this type of velocity is rare in low and medium goal polo, but both the ball and mallets may still inflict serious injury.


Face guards attached to the peak of the helmet, or goggles with shatterproof lenses improves players' chances of escaping serious injury.


The USPA therefore strongly recommends the use of face guards and/or goggles at all times during play.


In addition to face guards, we offer a range of sunglasses and goggles specifically designed for polo or compliant with military (ballistic) specifications.


Protect your eyes with Blueye polo googles and sunglasses (Anti-shock, Slip, Fog, Glare and Stratch)


Blueye eyewear for Polo is the only brand of eyewear designed for Polo. The brand range was developed in conjunction with Polo professionals in the UK and Australia to provide better comfort, visibility, and protection of the eye and surrounding area for Polo.


The new Blueye Eyewear Polo Edge sunglasses are the lightest polo eyewear design available on the market, ie. 3 grams lighter than the brand leader, and have high-definition crystal tech-lenses, making visibility of the ball and play sharper.


*All designs are impact tested by University of NSW Australia to AS1337/1992. Meets requirements for eye protectors for industrial applications.



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