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Designed to give you perfect control & confidence


The MVP places you exactly above

the horse's centre of gravity

Level seat

Tilts neither forward nor backward

if adjusted correctly

Upper legs

More (straight) surface area for

full upper leg to shoulder connection


No other polo saddle provides the

grip / hold of the MVP


Exceptional comfort, both seated

and out of the saddle

Easy pivot

Get into the half seat faster 

and with less effort



The riding fundamentals are the same, whether you are the world’s best player or just starting out in polo. If you are a beginner, the MVP allows you to focus on getting your riding right from the outset. If you are an experienced player, it allows you to further strengthen your riding or to get rid of one or two bad habits that we accumulate over time.

To help you get the most value from your MVP saddle(s), Performance Polo has partnered with renowned polo instructor Steve Thompson: Wherever you are in the world, with every MVP saddle purchased, you will receive a free, personalized video lesson with Steve, which you can use to address any aspect of your riding or hitting.


The MVP - a game changer

Improve your polo riding

Improve communication

Player protection

Improve your polo

To discuss your needs, email Michael at or WhatsApp at +44 7487 548242

The MVP - a game changer

The MVP - control & confidence

Improve your polo riding

Gear to improve your polo riding

Improve communication

Perfect communication

Player protection

Player protection

Improve your polo

Improve your polo

20% VAT will be added at checkout if you enter a delivery address in the UK. 

For delivery to all other countries, no tax will be added, but you may be liable to pay local taxes on receipt.

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