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Polo fitness

Fitness, flexibility and core strength are all essential to good polo riding and performance on the pitch. Below, we list a few fitness instructors who understand the needs of polo players 

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Chukka Wellness aims to improve polo player’s health, fitness and strength in order to enhance their athletic performance on the field. They focus on 3 elements; fuel, flexibility and functional training. Chukka Wellness offers online training programs, 1-2-1 and team training as well as polo fitness holidays around the world including Argentina and Sotogrande

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Fitness for Polo is the first company in the world dedicated to the fitness and well-being of the polo player. Fitness for Polo brings the advantages, the benefits and the ideals of fitness training for polo to everyone, subverting the luxury role of the personal trainer in polo and showing everyone that they can reap the rewards of a training plan designed specifically for polo.

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Pueblo gym logo cropped.jpg

The name says it all. If you are heading to Argentina this winter, Pueblo Polo Gym, situated in General Rodriguez, is for you.


Pueblo Polo Gym can help you build or maintain the fitness that will ensure you get the most out of your stay in Argentina. 

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