Polo helmet safety - trusting your helmet to protect you?

More polo with a certified polo helmet

At a tournament at my club in August 2017, a two goal playing groom, who was grooming for me and other players at the club, fell off his horse on the first day of the tournament. Not at speed, but almost at a standstill. Falling on his head, he suffered a serious injury.

This accident, so close to home, is encouraging me to write in more detail about polo helmet safety. While I can't say to what extent the helmet was a causal factor of his terrible injury, it has become clear to me that for most polo players, your trusted polo helmet does not actually deserve your trust. Apologies for the lengthy text, but I hope you will agree that it is justified.

With few exceptions, most polo helmets come only with the manufacturers' claim of protection. Most likely, you have been provided no information on the protection offered by your polo helmet - unless, your polo helmet has been tested to recognised standards by a certified body. In other equestrian sports, certified riding helmets have been mandatory for years. Riding helmets are considered personal protective