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Getting your reins in a twist - or (k)not

Polo reins too long

Did you ever wonder why polo reins seem to be longer than necessary?

Whether you hold your reins Argentinian or English style, you probably have 12-20 inches (3o-50 cms) of your reins coming out the back of your hand.

Most of the time, the extra length is neither good nor bad. Occasionally, the reins may get tangled with your whip, knee pads or another players gear - which can be a bit annoying if you are trying to get away from your opponent.

Some players control the unused length by tying knots on the reins, but most of us just let the extra length dangle from our hand. On particularly large ponies, it might come in handy, but most of the time, it seems to serve no purpose.

The Ainsley Polo bridles come with shorter reins (43" or 108 cms) as standard, the perfect length for playing, eliminating both the risk of tangling and the need for knots. Our standard length running reins (80" / 200 cms) pair with the standard reins.

For traditionalists, extra length reins (54" or 135 cms) are also available, equally with running reins to match (91" /228 cms).

All Ainsley Polo reins are available also as grippy reins, if you can't resist playing in the rain..

Read more about Ainsley Polo bridles here

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