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The eggbutt gag gives immediate contact and a direct, quick response. The fixed rings prevent pinching of the lips and the corner of the mouth, providing a smooth feel against the side of the face.

The large rings are designed to enable complete control.  The fixed eggbutt action offers an extremely smooth and immediate draw up or release of pressure working in tandem with the riders' requests.



Decreased size, increased pressure. Use thin to command a bit more respect from the horse.


Increased size, decreased pressure. Less chance of chafing or cutting the corners of the mouth given the wider surface area.

Best Suits

Best as a playing bit for skilled players and old horses with a great understanding of the game.

Ainsley fixed ring gag (eggbutt)

SKU: AS308031
PriceFrom £115.00
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    Well designed, high quality fixed ring gag bit that will improve your communication with your horse when playing. The bit is supplied with bit runners.


    This bit is available with three different mouth piece materials:

    1) Stainless steel mouth piece

    2) Brass mouth piece 

    3) Copper


    Read Ross Ainsley's article on gag bits here



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