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Pelon and Facu 21 Aug high res PR croppe

Pro players using Ainsley polo saddles

FP GC 2019 cropped.jpg

Facundo Pieres

10 goals

Argentina / UK / USA

Plays in the MVP saddle

Pelon 26 Sep 2018 high res PR

David "Pelon" Stirling

10 goals

Argentina / UK / USA

Plays in the MVP saddle

Facu Soto 2018 MVP original high res cro

Facundo Sola

9 goals

Argentina / UK / USA

Plays in the MVP saddle

Nina Clarkin 2017 cropped

Nina Clarkin

3/10 goals

UK / NZ / Argentina

Plays in the Clarkin saddle

12_09_15_A 050 cropped rectangular.jpg

Tom Morley

5 goals


Plays in the MVP

Nina Clarkin (4/10), UK and NZ - Ainsley Clarkin saddles

"The saddles fit my ponies perfectly and I really like how they position me where I need to be"

Tom Morley (5), UK - Ainsley Original Roughout saddles

"Ross's saddles are durable, well made, fit my horses and give me a secure and athletic seat in all situations"

Glen Gilmore (7), Ellerston polo manager, former Australia team captain - Ainsley Super Light saddles

"The saddles are the most comfortable saddles I have ever used"

Chris Kiesel (2), Polo manager at Polo Bern - Ainsley Original Roughout saddles

"I really like the saddle! I like the grip and the position it gives you on the horse and think it helps to ride the ponies the way I understand a polo pony to be ridden!"

Ruki Baillieu (8), Australia and UK - Ainsley Super Light saddles

"Ross' saddles position me better and allow me to pivot into the perfect hitting position much quicker than other saddles"

Doug Blumenthal (2), Indio, CA, USA - Ainsley Original Roughout saddles

"They are durable, well constructed, and great value for the quality!"

Tim Ward (4), Hamburg, Germany - Ainsley Clarkin saddles

"Definitely the best saddles I have ridden with. Excellent for the horses and provides amazing grip to play all the shots!"

Brendon Stenzel (3), Dallas (TX) & Wellington (FL), USA - Ainsley Clarkin saddles

"The Ainsley Polo tack is great, I absolutely love it! The saddle took some getting used to, but the more I use it, the more I like it!”.

Mike Azzaro (6 - formerly 10), San Antonio (TX) & Wellington (FL), USA - MVP saddles

"I have played in English made saddles my entire career - the MVP saddles are the best by far!”

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