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Protection: polo helmets, face guards, goggles, body protection, leg protection for horses

20% VAT will be added at checkout if you enter a delivery address in the UK. For delivery to all other countries, no tax will be added, but you may be liable to pay local taxes on receipt.

Protecting your head: NOCSAE certified polo helmets (approved by the USPA, the HPA and the AAP).


Below you will find a selection of polo helmets, which provide a secure fit, protection against penetration and, importantly, dissipation of impact forces. All our polo helmets are certified to the NOCSAE standard. 


We keep some helmets in basic colours in stock, but would be very happy to help you customize your preferred polo helmet. Please get in touch with us at or call/WhatsApp +44-7487-548242.


Learn how to measure your size here

Protecting your eyes: polo sunglasses and goggles


Australian eye wear company, BluEye, has designed an impressive range of protective eye-wear for polo, all with a variety of different colour lenses. We have also included the BluEye Jager military grade sunglasses, incorporating 2.1mm Carl Zeiss precision optics lenses. Oakley Jawbreakers have become popular in recent years and we carry different models.

Body protection for polo players


Back protectors, elbow pads, knee pads, gloves - everything you need to avoid scrapes. Protective gear from recognized manufacturers. We continuously add new products to this range - if you are missing something, please let us know.

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