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Free virtual lesson with Steve Thompson (value £90/$110) with every purchase of an MVP saddle

More than any other piece of equipment, your polo saddle provides a crucial connection bwtween you and your polo pony, and the MVP is designed to allow pony and player to perform as an effective unit.

The saddle tree of the MVP enables the ideal player position and grip, allowing you to maximise the efficiency of both your riding and hitting.

We have partnered with world renowned polo instructor, Steve Thompson, to help you get the most out of your new MVP saddle(s). With every MVP purchased, you will receive a voucher for a free virtual lesson, which can you can use to address a specific topic of interest or concern, like:

  • how can I improve my half seat?

  • how can I improve my stopping?

  • how can I improve my leg changes?

  • how I can improve my offside forehand?

  • how can I improve my offside neckshots?

  • and any other topic that you can illustrate with a video clip

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pro, Steve can help you establish ideal riding and hitting habits, or change habits that stop you from being as efficient in the saddle as you could be.

Order your MVP(s) online, by email or WhatsApp, or in person, and we will email you a voucher code for your free virtual lesson. Then upload a video clip demonstrating the topic that you need help with, and Steve will provide you with a personalized video lesson addressing your topic of interest. 

Steve's book, How To Look Cool Whilst Learning Polo' is available in our shop (click image or button below):

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