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Designed to allow your horses to give you 100%!

Flexible tree

Flexes with your horse's movements, reduces risks of pressure spikes

Swept panels

Keeps pressure away from lumbar

region, the weakest part of the back

Ext. panels

Guides shoulder blades behind the

panels for maximum comfort

Gullet plates

You get three saddles in one with

exchangeable gullet plates

4 panel types

We have a panel that will fit

almost any polo pony

Low weight

at 5 to 5.6 kgs (11 to 12.5 lbs),

lighter than most polo saddles



It's simple, really: horses weren't designed to carry people. So, the easier and more comfortable we can make it for our equine partners, the better they are able to perform for us.

The Ainsley MVP proves the point, and many players have reported that their horses have become more agile, more responsive, and easier to collect.


Pony comfort = performance

Safe and comfortable girths

Better breathing

Less weight

Protecting your ponies

To discuss your needs, email Michael at or WhatsApp at +44 7487 548242

MVP - comfort = performance

The MVP - comfort = performance

Safe & comfortable girths

Safe and comfortable girths

Better breathing

Better breathing gives you an edge

Less weight

Less weight equals better performance

Pololine article (26 Nov, 2018): Does polo have a weight problem?

Pony protection

Protecting your ponies

20% VAT will be added at checkout if you enter a delivery address in the UK. 

For delivery to all other countries, no tax will be added, but you may be liable to pay local taxes on receipt.

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