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“Polo is a sport with so many different and conflicting requests - the more you can do to ensure your horse is getting a clear, pain-free message, the better your horse will play for you. The more comfortable you are while asking for these requests, the clearer your message and the more relaxed you will be to concentrate on your game and enjoy our amazing sport.”


The MVP polo saddle - the perfect fit for horse and player - chosen by Adolfo Cambiaso, Facundo Pieres, Pelón Stirling, Facu Sola, Henry Porter and Mike Azzaro


The perfect fit for your horse - allows your horses to play at their very best


  • The largest panels of any polo saddle - distribute your weight where it needs to be (30% in front, 40% in the middle, and 30% at the back), and minimise pressure per / cm2
  • The saddle tree rises at the front and the panels are sculpted to eliminate the risk of pressure points on the side of the withers and to maximise freedom of movement of the scapula
  • Similarly, with the saddle tree rising at the back and the sculpted panels, the MVP minimises pressure on the loins, particularly when your horse's legs are underneath your horse and it’s back is raised
  • A wide gullet / spinal clearance ensures that there are no pressure points along the spine
  • The MVP is available with four different styles of panels:
  1. Alto (memory foam) - ideal for horses with less defined muscle tone / top line
  2. Medium (wool flocked) - ideal for all shapes of horses (additional charge) as they can be continuously adjusted to accomodate any change in shape
  3. Slim line (memory foam - ideal for most horses with good top lines and muscular backs
  4. Super slim (memory foam - ideal for horses with low withers, wide shoulders and flat backs)
  • Exchangeable gullet plates ensure perfect fit for all shapes and widths, providing exceptional clearance at withers. Supplied with the MVP in three sizes, and can be exchanged in less than 5 minutes
  • Gullet plates made from spring steel, much less prone to spread over time (many polo saddles will spread over time causing reduced clearance between withers and pommel). Even if your MVP was run over by a truck, the damaged gullet plate can simply be replaced in a few minutes.
  • Light, yet strong synthetic saddle tree (polypropylene copolymer) with spring steel reinforcements. The saddle tree comes with a 5 year warranty for any material or manufacturing defects.
  • The MVP saddle tree has a natural flex, both longitudinally and diagonally, allowing the MVP to follow the horse's movements, providing more freedom of movement and further reducing the risk of pressure being exerted on the loins, and 
  • A slight elevation at the front and the back of the saddle tree, which in combination with the sculpted panels, provides both a perfect fit and freedom of movement of the shoulder blade and the loins to allow your horses to fully utilise their body

Perfect fit for you - secure, comfortable in all circumstances 


  • The elevation at the front of the saddle and the enlarged panels, accommodate the player’s ideal position over the horse’s shoulders (without placing the saddle itself too far forward, which tends to limit shoulder movement and shifts more weight to the back of the saddle, onto the loins of the horse)
  • The design of the saddle tree gives you a lower centre of gravity, improving the combined balance of horse and player
  • Your ability to use your thighs, from knee to groin are facilitated by a triangular shape (as opposed to barrel shaped, as seen on many polo saddles) and larger flaps, which provide more contact surface for your thighs to grip in the half seat
  • Recessed stirrup bars also increases the usable gripping area and riding comfort
  • Rough-out leather surfaces further enhances your grip
  • Comfortable and secure seat, regardless of your level

Perfect weight


A number of features combine to make the MVP lighter than most polo saddles: 11-12 lbs (5-5.5 kgs), depending on size):


  • Synthetic saddle tree (polypropylene copolymer), reinforced with spring steel
  • Hollow piping
  • D-rings replaced by a small slit for attaching ball carriers or securing straps 

Perfect quality

  • Exceptionally strong saddle tree - we offer a 5 year warranty for any material or manufacturing defects
  • Spring steel gullet plates that will not spread over time (even if they did, they can be replaced in less than 5 minutes)
  • Extremely durable billets - buffalo hide with a raw hide inside
  • Rough-out leather that outlasts suede by many years

Ainsley MVP polo saddle

Excluding VAT
  • If you have difficult to fit horses or just need help determining which configuration will suit your horses, please get in touch ( or WhatsApp +44-7487-548242).

    Photos of your horses are always helpful. Or if you have an iphone (10 or later), make a 3D scan of your horse's back. Read more here

    Arrange to try the MVP here!


    All prices are quoted without any taxes. See below regarding taxes


    Love your horses! Your horses will love the MVP!

    The Ainsley "MVP" saddle is hand crafted from select Havana brown leather hides in a roughout style. This "inside out" style gives the saddle more grip and longevity than a saddle covered with suede. Beautiful saddle which will give any serious polo player an edge on the field.

    We generally stock the "MVP" in 17, 18" and 19" with Slimline panels, which will suit most horses. Other panel styles are usually in stock but may be subject to 4-6 week delivery.

    Black MVPs are made on request and incur a 10% surcharge.

    Contact us at to enquire about purchasing multiple MVP saddles.

    We offer free name plates for each MVP, engraved with your initials, name or logo, on polished brass or satin aluminium. We will contact you discuss the design of your name plate(s).

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