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Online resources

Nothing beats real life practice and tuition, but these online resources are a close second best!

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GavSays Polo Academy

The GavSays Polo Academy: Learn How to Improve Your Polo: Ride Better, Hit Better, Play Better - (And Enjoy Your Polo More)

If you want to become a FAR BETTER Polo Player – strike the ball with greater accuracy and distance, know where to be on the field and consistently make great plays, have happy, comfortable, and super responsive horses that outperform others on the field – then you should join the Polo Academy to benefit from Gavin's experience from 30+ years as a Polo Coach and before that a 7-goal pro.


Poloskilz 2.0

PoloSkilz, run by USPA Polo Development LLC, was created to help spread wisdom and knowledge from some of the greatest polo minds. At the time of its creation, PoloSkilz was an innovation in a sport that is intensely rooted in tradition.

Looking to perfect your rein holds? Or maybe you’re interested in getting your nearside back shot in shape? Find it all in the Poloskilz video library. Search from 200+ instructional videos

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