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Polo Times

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As the only polo magazine in Europe to publish 10 times a year, the Polo Times are first with the sport's top stories and exclusives. With the new Polo Times app, the magazine is also available on the iPad, iPhone and Android devices. In addition, the weekly email newsletter and daily updated website, Facebook and Twitter keep us in constant contact with our 10,000 readers all year round, wherever they are in the world.


In Polo Times, you will find eye-catching action photographs and in-depth interviews and features. We put as much emphasis on horsemanship, pony welfare and the grass-roots level of the game, as we do on the high-goal and the social scene. Polo Times is the complete companion for players and aficionados of all ages, who seek to get the most out of their polo. will open in a new page, where you can complete your subscription.

Polo  books and DVDs from Amazon


While most of us undoubtedly prefer to hone our skills in the saddle, practicing with other polo affcionados, a number of books and DVDs are available, which may get you through the off-season, helping you with tips on how to  fine tune your riding, hitting or game tactics.  Some of these titles will help you improve your polo, show you how to get into and maintain physical form for polo, or, as is the case with "Argentinean Polo Phrase Book and Words", help you "speak" polo.


We have selected some of the best books and DVDs availabe on Amazon, and hope you will enjoy them as much as we do (click any image to order from Amazon).

Playmaker Polo by Hugh Dawney
Polo for the 21st century by Rege Ludwig
Polo: hitting the ball with power and accuracy by Rege Ludwig
Polo Technique by Stephane Macaire
Let's talk polo by Sunny Hale
Polo improving your game
Let's polo by Inge Schwenger, Urs Kuckertz and Sean Dayus
Argentine polo phrase book and words by Ramon Columba
Polofitness by Till Schulz-Robinson
Fitness for polo 1 by Martin Perez
Fitness for polo 2 by Martin Perez
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