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Nose band designed for perfect fit, above the nasal cavity, and in front of the bit, eliminating two common problems:
1) Pressure on the sides of the bit, which too often decreases sensitivity and movement of the bit, limiting effective control of the horse, and
2) Restrictring the nasal flare, and therefore breathing, when the horse is breathing heavily during play. This noseband has the perfect length and a stabilizing triangle to ensure that the nose band stays above the nasal cavity.
The Ainsley Texas noseband therefore improves both control and the horse's performance during play.
The noseband will fit most horses but can be lengthened or shortened as required.

Ainsley Texas drop noseband

SKU: AP204400
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    Made from soft but robust dark brown or black, very durable English leather, beautiful quality and excellent stitching. Stainless stell buckle.

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