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The Eco-Friendly Alternative to Wasteful Electrical Tape


Designed for polo players by a polo player, TailCinch™ was created to provide the same sleek look and effectiveness as electrical tape without all the waste. Did you know that every step of the process to make vinyl electrical tape is harmful to the planet, and not just the disposal of it?


It's also been known to be harmful to the mental health of club managers around the world, when everyone leaves tail tape trash all over their beautiful polo fields!


Every little bit counts, so let's save the planet, save our fields and reduce, or even eliminate the use of vinyl tail tape in the sport of polo.


Make the switch to TailCinch™ today.

The Original Tail Cinch

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    The original long-lasting, strong-holding design, 1" wide by 8.5” long elastic nylon with hook and loop attachment. One set comes with 3 straps.  The straps have been tested on low and high goal ponies, and they don't budge!




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