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The twist on this mouth piece increases pressure slightly more than our 3 Ring or 4 Ring Classic Gags. The bit has been designed with the flawless draw, smooth release and reward philosophy. Overall, the mouthpiece has a very comfortable fit.


It has a 3 step flawless communication process:

  • Mouthpiece shape & weight
  • The connection between the mouthpiece and ring for the flawless draw, smooth release communication.
  • The way the gag bit runners run through the rings


The weight of the mouthpiece is designed for immediate pick up and instant release and reward movement allowing the trainer to take pressure off instantly as the bit falls from the pressure zone.




4 ring gives slightly more ability to utilise leverage compared to the 3 ring.


Best suits


Use as you would usually use a 3 or 4 ring gag, in our experience this bit works best for a horse that you need more of a direct response from (when compared to our 3 Ring or 4 Ring Classic Gags).

Ainsley 3 and 4 ring USA Slow Twist Gag (Pessoa or Dutch gag)

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