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Our jointed cherry roller pelhams are wonderfully shaped with an ergonomic feel and a thick yet gentle mouthpiece.


The copper rollers help promote salivation and helps to encourage the horse to accept the bit more comfortably.


The rolling action of the copper roller can create a soothing affect on the horse's tongue and promote relaxation.


A good bit to introduce the curb chain pressure point to a horse that has only been ridden in a gag or snaffle.


Generally considered a softer bit than the Hartwell/ported pelham and mullen/ straight pelhams.


Best suits:


A soft horse that responds well to light curb chain pressure.

Ainsley Cherry Roller Jointed Pelham with wide curb chain

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    Well designed, high quality pelham bit, which will improve your communication with your horse when playing. 


    Copper bit, ported, with extra wide curb chain, bit rings.


    Shank lengths: 4", 5", 5.5" and 6"

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