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If you need firmer communication with your pony, this Barry gag might help. SImilar to the ring gag, the design incorporates three characteristics, which sets it apart from most other bits used in polo today:

1) Most modern bits are too light and remain up in the horse's mouth for too long. This bit has more weight to allow gravity to release the bit instantly signalling to the horse the request or reward you need it to understand. This bit falls away immediately when given slack to do so.

2) Many bits do not have a smooth finish of the center joint. This bit is entirely smooth with no edges to catch any part of the mouth while moving through the mouth or over the tongue, bars or lips. It provides an even pressure that sends the exact signals you are transmitting to the horse and significantly reduces the risk of creating cuts or damage to the mouth.

3) This bit has an even and perfect thickness, creating an even pressure for optimal communication with the horse.


Ainsley Barry gag (two types)

SKU: AP302
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    Well designed, high quality Barry gag bit that will improve your communication with your horse when playing. The bit is supplied with bit runners.

    This bit is available in three different styles:

    2) Brass mouth piece

    3) Sweet iron mouth piece


    Read Ross Ainsley's article on gag bits here


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