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The MDC ‘S’ Classic is designed for riders who appreciate the classic lines of a traditional fillis stirrup and the benefits of MDC's patented, improved design.


The MDC ‘S’ Classic™ features our patented 45° ‘S’ Positioning Technology. Combined with our ultra-low profile, high traction aluminum tread, the MDC ‘S’ Classic™ delivers improved stirrup and leg position, greater base of support, relieves pressure on ankles, knees, hips and back, is easily retrievable and safer in the event of a fall.


Key features

  • Patented MDC ‘S’ Classic Stirrups™ with 45º ‘S’ Stirrup Positioning Technology
  • Invisible design produces performance advantages for riders of all riding disciplines
  • Traditional styling
  • Ultra-low profile, high traction wide aluminum tread with 45º easy retrieval trailing edge

  • Lighter weight, 2.5 lbs/pair (1.13 kg/pair)

  • Available in 3 wide tread sizes (4.5, 4.75 & 5 inches) 

MDC ‘S’ Classic™ stirrups

Excluding VAT
  • All prices are quoted without any taxes. See below regarding taxes


    MDC ‘S’ Flex™ stirrups


    Sizing (standard size for polo is 4.75", which will suit most players)


    Choose 4.5" if your shoe size is 40 or less (EU)

    Choose 4.75" if your shoe size is 41-44 (EU)

    Choose 5" if your shoe size is 45 or larger (EU)


    Size 40 (EU) corresponds to men's size 7 (UK) or 7.5 (US) and women's size 6.5 (UK) or size 9 (UK)


    Size 45 (EU) corresponds to men's size 10.5 (UK) or 11.5 (US)



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