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You no longer need to throw your girths when the the inner pads have worn out. The replacement girth pads from Ainsley saddlery gives new life to your Ainsley girths (as well as to other brands that has inner pads attached by velcro).


Available in different lengths - please choose pads that are 2.5-5cm / 1-2" longer than the body of the girth (excluding elastic ends or equalizers).

Replacement girth pads

Excluding VAT
  • Soft, neoprene replacement girth pads for all girths with velcro. The perforations allow heat and humidity to escape  for increased comfort

    Length guide:

    33.5" fits Ainsley 46" elastic girth and 44" equalizer girth

    35.5" fits Ainsley 48" elastic girth and 46" equalizer girth

    37.5" fits Ainsley 50" elastic girth and 48" equalizer girth

    39.5" fits Ainsley 52" elastic girth and 50" equalizer girth

    41.5" fits Ainsley 54" elastic girth and 52" equalizer girth

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