Edition polo helmet, blue leather
Edition polo helmet, orange cotton

ARMIS polo helmets




64% of polo injuries are classed as major. Polo is high-risk, high-image and high-profile with an acceptance of high injury rates. Helmets are low on style, low on comfort and low on protective padding. This helmet kicks polo into the 21st Century with a combination of style, performance and certified / kitemarked to PAS015.. To find out more about safety standards, click here.


MIPS (Multi-Impact Protection System) is a patented technology that adds a low friction layer between the head and the helmet developed to add protection by reducing the rotational violence to the brain on angled impacts.

USES EPS FOAM LINER - Absorbs energy being transferred to the brain

DOUBLE SHELL - 2 shells of a carbon composite fibre to reduce penetrations

REMOVABLE PADDING - Completely machine washing headband

LIGHTWEIGHT - Total mass of 775g  (Medium +/-50g)

4 POINT HARNESS - Harness is made from approved webbing

CLASSIC DIMENSIONS - 265mm X 320mm X 165mm (Medium +/- 5mm)

FLEXIBLE PEAK - Designed to reduce neck injuries

MAGNETIC CLIP - Auto fastening  clip can be used with one hand 

Edition polo helmet, grey cotton
Edition polo helmet, dark grey leather
Edition polo helmet, CE & Kitemark