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Ainsley Saddlery

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Ross Ainsley is an Australian 5-goaler based in New Zealand and the UK. Ross has represented his home country in many international tournaments but is better known for supplying horses from his stud in NZ to many of the best players all over the world.

Disappointed with the quality, fit and usability of the polo saddles and tack available on the market, Ross has used his experience to design his own range of saddles and bridles over the past 10 years, incorporating ideas from many world class players.

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Ross has designed the Ainsley polo saddles to overcome most of the shortcomings of many other polo saddles: poor fit, less than ideal of the player and often poor quality. The AInsley polo saddles are comfortable "roughout" polo saddles, handcrafted from the best materials available.

With three different polo saddles, Ainsley Saddlery caters to different needs and shapes:

The MVP - our elite polo saddle. You and your horses will love it

The Clarkin - fits a wide range of horses, Extremely durable

The Super Light - if you are looking get ahead of the pack

Ross has created a polo bridle with reinforced leather inserts strengthening the connection between bit and headpiece with perfect length reins (eliminates the tangling of the reins with boots, knee pads, whips or other players), Cheek pieces designed for easy adjustment for different horses. Stainless steel buckles.

Various drop nosebands ensures free movement of the bit and avoids restricting the flow of air through the horse nasal cavity.

Pelon and Facu 21 Aug high res PR square

Professional players around the world are using Ross' saddles and bridles, recognizing that they enable great performance from both horses and players. We are proud to have some of the best known players in our saddles, among them Adolfo Cambiaso, Facundo Pieres, Facu Sola, Mike Azzaro, Nina Clarkin, and Pelon Stirling.

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